OK! I just installed Contenta CMS, now what?

First of all, congratulations! We know that trying new software can be both fun and also a little bit intimidating. In any case we are glad to see that you are giving this a shot.

  • You can explore the capabilities of decoupled Drupal from the backend perspective.
  • You can revert the site to a clean state and remove all the demo content and configuration.
From here there are two different paths you can follow next: Revert Explore

To get started with your content we recommend you starting with this steps. You will need to log in first.

Discover Structure

Go to the content types configuration page and explore the different content types and their fields to understand what you are going to be exposing.

Discover Content

Head over to the content list page to see the demo content that you can interact with.

Discover Your API

One of the first things that you may want to do is to understand what your API looks like. Check the autogenerated API documentation to explore how to interact with your API.

Start Working
Make a Request

Once you understand the schema of your API, it’s time for you to make your first request.

Create Content with the API

The section video about creating content using the API will give you information about how you can use the API to write content to Contenta, instead of just reading from it.

It is possible that you will need to make authenticated requests. That’s fine too, we have you covered. Contenta comes with OAuth support out of the box.


Finally, if you are a perfectionist you will probably want to learn how to aggregate your requests for performance reasons. JSON API makes it really easy to have very few requests, however some times you just want One Request to Rule Them All.

Revert to a Clean State

You have already explored what contenta can offer out of the box, now you are ready to start building your project.

In order to revert Contenta to a clean slate you will need to uninstall the Recipes Magazin and the Recipes Magazin Contenta modules. By uninstalling those modules you will:

  • Remove the demo content types: Recipe, Page and Article.
  • Remove the customizations to clean the API of Drupalisms.
  • Remove all the content for the demo content types. Even if you created the content after installing, if you remove the content types the content will be deleted.

Once those two modules are gone, you will have a clean Contenta CMS installation. Even this page and all the help content will be gone.

If you ever regret this decision, it’s OK! By re-enabling those two modules you will get everything back.